Eau Claire Epitome Taxi by The Ride Jam is a family centered business

S. Mike is the owner and main operator of the taxi company. He started driving taxi in 2013. Mike has owned businesses in Wisconsin for over 20 years. Mike is an epitome to the local taxi community and helps educate new drivers. His extensive knowledge in most all subjects, provides the most exceptional guidance to other taxi drivers in the community. In his spare time, he enjoys having his staff walk his long haired chihuahua, electronics, music, law, medicine, fine dining and cooking. Mike enjoys his Bang and Olufsen® of Denmark and Bose® Lifstyle® systems. Mike has a special emphasis on Security and Safety and the H.I.P.P.A laws. Sorry that no owner photo's are available at this time.

S. A. Carla is the leader of the family. Carla enjoy’s reading magazines in her magazine room, reading books in her library, and watching Home and Garden Television networks in her HD viewing room. Carla enjoys decorating her formal living room and formal family room with antiques she has acquired over the years. Carla enjoys decorating her non formal family room with musical instrument themed items and paintings. Carla enjoys working with her Jeweler to acquire the style that meets her needs. Carla has a special emphasis on fashion and beauty products. Carla speaks French and always emphasized on educating her children on proper pronunciation of words. In her spare time, she enjoys working with her builder to establish the most exceptional renovation. Carla is involved with stewardship as well!

S. Dave is a philanthropist, and enjoys going to Israel 3 months a year with his children and wife, who is a domestic engineer. Dave volunteers as a baseball coach for Israeli children. Dave has a special emphasis on baseball and physical activity.

J. Dan is the musician of the family. Dan graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in music. Dan was a music educator at the University, but decided he enjoys live performance better. Dan plays an acoustic upright bass, and has an emphasis on traditional Jazz. Dan has performed all over the world, including Dubai and China. Dan has performed at local music festivals too! Dan lived in Edina, MN, but decided to journey back to Eau Claire, WI and utilize flights to commence his performances. Dan has worked with several musical Celebrity’s too! Since Dan has worked in the music industry as a Celebrity, the family must keep his exact location and telephone number private at all times!

W. Lee passed away in 1984. Lee brought the family to the Eau Claire area. Lee was a CEO of a major furnace company until it sold to a competitor. Lee then entered the life insurance industry until his retirement. Lee enjoyed spending time with his family at home, and at the cabin in the Township of Round Lake, near Hayward, WI. Lee always enjoyed working with his guide fishing. He did some hunting, but had an emphasis on fishing. Lee passed on his traditional and ethical values to the family.

The company is currently looking for a morning concierge that has the ability to show up to work and possess the skills necessary for the job. Please apply on our Facebook Page. Thank You.

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