Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sanitized Taxi

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H.I.P.P.A Compliant Private Pay Medical Transportation Apparatus: 1-877-240-8319(Private Pay Medical Calls ONLY!)

715-895-TAXI (8294)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sanitized Taxi

Taxicab service available within The City of Eau Claire, and within a 100 mile radius!

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Eau Claire Epitome Taxi by The Ride Jam is different because of our metered pricing, most exceptional guest service and luxury taxicab. We want to create a loyal guest who thoroughly enjoy’s their experience with our service, so everything we do is done with our guest’s in mind. We want your passenger experience to be a positive one! We want to express our gratitude to YOU for choosing us.

Eau Claire City Limits Fare rate start at the very best price of only $2.50 for the flag drop and $0.50 per 1/5th mile*

• Luxury Taxicab featuring door to door service

• Taxi Service to/from Groome Transportation

• Taxi Service to/from the Greyhound Bus Station

• Taxi Service to/from Music Festivals

• Taxi Service to/from Weddings and Special Events

• Taxi Service to/from Hotel, Restaurant, Tavern & Convenience/Grocery Stores

• Limousine alternative service, with a concierge wearing white gloves, while waiting for you in the parking lot at The Eau Claire Golf and Country Club. Your body guard may accompany your concierge, with complimentary two-way digital communication Apparatus’

• Taxi Service to/from Casino's & Gentlemen's Clubs

• ADT® Emergency Service for Heart Attack, Stroke, etc

• Satellite telephone for emergencies by INMARSAT®

• Motorola® Medical grade H.I.P.P.A compliant Apparatus(MD, DO medical grade), for Private Pay Medical Transportation

• Complimentary Telephone for United States Only Telephone Calls, in the Back Seat

• Proudly accept Cash, ApplePay®, GPay®, American Express®, Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover®

• Keep your credit card on file for frequent rides or business and corporate employee travel (Receipts instantly emailed to corporate office)

• Taxi is equipped with a Centrodyne® Meter

• Our vehicle is serviced off premise by an independent mechanic, with a shop not affiliated with us for YOUR Safety!

• PCI compliant for your financial safety!

• H.I.P.A.A. Compliant for medical transportation and no communications apparatus’ are used to release your personal information to your concierge. No Analog Two-Way Radio’s are used, that can release YOUR personal information to the public. Analog Two-Way radio’s may be listened to legally on police scanners. The alleged competition use these style of radio’s, and it is extremely simple to get their frequencies to program into your scanner!

If you are aware of anyone who may be Committing Federal Crimes by writing down patient’s names on paper in plain site, or talking about patient’s names on analog two-way radios, please click below to file a complaint with HHS.GOV

Click here to file complaint with HHS

• Digitally Encrypted Narrowband Compliant Communications Apparatus’

• Prevent a OWI tonight, take a ride with Eau Claire Epitome Taxi by The Ride Jam!


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*Eau Claire City fare rate pickup fee includes a ride to one destination within the city limits of Eau Claire, WI only (minimum charge of $8.00). Altoona, Lake Hallie, Eau Claire County, and Chippewa County have a minimum fare charge of $15.00 per pickup and ride to one destination along with mileage. Non Eau Claire city limits and airport pickup fare rates start at a minimum $2.50 flag drop fee and $0.55 per 1/5th mile driven to one destination. Driving outside of the company territory will result in a $5.00 pickup fee and $1.00 per 1/5th mile to and from the destination. Stopping at one destination and continuing to another destination will result in another pickup fee. Minimum waiting fee is $30.00 per hour. Guest is not charged a waiting fee while paying for services while stopped at destination. The very best price is our opinion. Fare rates are subject to change, some restrictions may apply.

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